Time Out for Christmas…

Malachy had an awesome Christmas, with lots of holiday gifts and cheer. During dinner, he kept making a toast. He said, “Listen, listen, everyone. Let’s toast to Peace on Earth!” He just loved the sound of it, and so did we.
Earlier in the day, I made a visit to Jimmy. Before I left, I told Malachy I was going to see him, and he said, “Daddy, take good care of Mr. Jimmy.” I nearly teared. When I went up to see him, it wasn’t looking good at all. An hour ago, I just found out he’s now on life support. The one big Christmas wish I had… He always gave to others, helped everyone, put others first. At a loss for words right now…

Time Out for a Read Aloud

A couple of weeks ago, I believe Uncle Chris was having a conversation with Malachy about sharks and whales and dolphins.  (I wish we tape-recorded all of the conversations they have had!) That made me think of a non-fiction book that I had read once to Malachy.  So, I took it out, and asked if he could read it to his uncle.  He started to read with lots fluency and inflection, and I was like, “WOW!”  Where’d he learn that?  I guess it was from me and Shien reading to him night after night, watching Sesame Street every now and then, and having amazing conversations with his uncle and family and friends.  And now, with going to school, he’s just surrounded by books and language.  He’s always loved his letters and words, and talking, too!

So, that night, before bedtime, I asked him if I could film him reading (Uncle Chris had requested it, too), and so, he read and read and read, and made all sorts of connections and conversation.  Another Malachy Classic! 😉  I had to break it into 3 parts on YouTube, because they only let you have 10 minutes at a time. 😉

Reading at 3, better than me!  Ai ya!   🙂

Time Out for Lost and Found!

What a Friday for Shien.  I was at work, and I got an e-mail that she lost Malachy’s Lunch Bag!  I was like, “How did you lose something so monstrously big?”  She had put it under the stroller because she was carrying so much stuff, so it must have fallen off to the side.  Otherwise, she would have tripped right over it!

So, in the freezing cold, she went back and forth from home to school twice, asking about it in every store that was opened, retracing her steps and hoping that someone picked it up.  She made 30 copies of a flyer and posted them all over the street.  We pretty much expected it was gone forever, but decided we at least had to try…

I went to pick up Malachy after school, and lo and behold, I was approaching his school, and what did I see right on the top of the staircase legde?  THERE IT WAS!  Everything was in tact!  Case solved, but mystery continues.  There’s no way she could have missed it on the top of the staircase, could she?  Did someone feel bad after taking it and decided to return it?  No one will ever know.

All I know it that it was an awesome feeling to take down every sign with Malachy as we came home, retracing all the steps that Mommy had taken in her quest to get her son’s breakfast back!  Thank goodness for happy endings!  🙂

Time Out for First Class Photo…

Malachy 1st Class Photo

We didn’t know what to expect for Malachy’s first class photo.  When I first saw it, I was like, “Where’d he learn to smile like that?”  When Shien said, “He listened to you,” I wasn’t sure what she was talking about.  Then, I remembered!  I DID briefly coach him!

On Picture Day (which seems so long ago), before going to work, I had told Malachy not to smile too big.  He was like, “Why, Dad?”  I told him I wanted to see his eyes.  I imitated his smile to show him what I meant.  For a while, he was smiling with his eyes squinting, and baring all teeth (the BIG “CHEESE!”), in photo after photo.  I was afraid he’d do that with his class photo, so I told him to just hum when he smiled.  I told him to think, “HMMMM.”  Lo and behold…  he listened!  Uncle Chris and Stella called it the “Evil Genius” pose.  PoPo says he exudes wisdom beyond his years.  Mom and Dad are just proud of our little boy!  One for the ages…  😉

Time Out for Quirky…

Always Ready, Always Steady
Always Ready, Always Steady

So, my brother-in-law introduced me to this site, quirky.com, and ever since, I’ve been a big fan. It keeps the creative juices flowing. Basically, you can submit ideas, rate ideas, comment on ideas, but you can also become an influencer if your logo design, tagline, or name gets chosen for selected products.  A few months back, they picked my tagline for DigiDudes, a mini tripod on a keychain – Always Ready, Always Steady!  And now, the cents are adding up!  And then, they taketh away…  Why?  Because silly me decided to submit an idea.  They usually charge 99 bucks, but I was able to bring it down some with a coupon code.

My idea?  A credit card flashlight – really  really thin.  Thin enough that it could fit in my wallet.  Bend it to light it.  Wouldn’t it be cool if they actually picked it?  It’s a long shot, but hey, I thought I had to try.  After all, I own over a dozen flashlights (for real), and I think there’s always room for another one.  At least this one wouldn’t take up so much room… 😉