Time Out for Giving Thanks!


Grateful.  I feel truly blessed.  Hurricane Sandy seems so long ago, but what an adventure it was for the three of us.  It was like that TV show, The Amazing Race.  With no electricity, water, or heat, we had to make do with what we had for a few days.  Luckily, there was gas, and we had a lighter, so Shien was still able to make delicious food for us by lighting the stove.  Toasted bagels never tasted so good!

Amazingly, we didn’t even miss Halloween, as my dad was able to get the car to us.  It took him about 4+ hours to get to us (usually a 20-minute drive), and we were able to go to Staten Island to do some trick-or-treating, see some of our family, eat a nice meal at my Aunt Amy’s, charge up our devices, and take a nice hot shower!  Things we daily take for granted were much appreciated.

When you’re in this kind of “survival” mode, and all you want to do is take care of your family, it truly puts things into perspective.  On that Friday, I was able to get up and bike to work (even though it was relocated to the Upper West Side), get some yummy packed lunch from Zabar’s, ride back home, and make the drive to Virginia so that we could attend a baptism, where Shien would be a Godmother to one of her dearest of friends’ son. 🙂 There was some worry that we wouldn’t be able to get gas, but two hours into the drive, and we got filled up, and all was good.  The whole weekend was amazing, and the drive back was great, too.  Going to work the next day without a complaint, knowing how fortunate we were.  Giving thanks…