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Time Out for Flowers!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations, Wynne! Thanks so much to everyone for entering. Happy Valentine’s to all!

So, reached out to me to offer my readers a chance to win a $100 1-800-Flowers gift card! AWESOME! Click here for a fun Valentine’s trailer they sponsored for Hot in Cleveland, starring Betty White.

Over the years, I’ve spent thousands on flowers. Worth it? As Malachy would say, “OF COURSE, DAD!” It’s cool that he’s growing up knowing that romance is alive and well. With Shien’s birthday and Valentine’s within a week’s span, we get to splurge on Mommy with flowers and jewelry! 🙂

According to a survey conducted by Wakefield Research for 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, they found that 62% of girlfriends and wives reported to be unsatisfied with last year’s Valentine’s Day gifts. I love getting my wife technology gifts, but I’ve learned that if I’m going to give some practical tech gifts, I better accompany it with some flowers, jewelry, or something sweet. With electronics, she’ll usually say, I don’t really need that. The one electronic gift that she has enjoyed the most and used the most is her Kindle. I think for many guys (and some girls, too) flowers seem like a waste of money, because they don’t last. But, there’s something about nature’s beauty, and flowers really do brighten up any room and brings some romance, love, or appreciation, back into the relationship. Plus, the University of South Brittany study found that women are 30% more likely to accept an admirer’s advances when flowers are involved. There’s definitely a Flower Effect to many relationships.  Surprises are good!

Romance is definitely NOT about being practical.  I wrote a little more about it on Prime Parents Club’s site. It’s about appreciating beauty and equating your loved one with that beauty.  Your loved one deserves to be spoiled, right? 😉

HOW TO WIN: First, check out’s Facebook page, by clicking here, and check out their new products, along with their Platinum Collection. You could order straight from their Facebook page!  Then come back to this page, and leave a comment about what products you liked, and how you’ll spoil your loved one this Valentine’s! I will select a winner on Sunday, February 12th, at around 12PM EST, using the random number generator (Each commenter is assigned one number).  I will then forward the winner’s information (I’ll e-mail you) to, and they will get you your $100 gift card. That’s it.  Cool, eh?

Good luck, everyone!

Time Out for Wedding RingLessNess…


On Thanksgiving night, Shien realized that her rings were gone, her wedding band and her engagement ring.  At first, we thought she might find it at work the following Monday. No luck. She thinks she might have either taken them off when she was putting hand lotion on or she might have lost them while cooking, when she had to constantly put on and take off gloves while cooking. She couldn’t recall at all,  because of her lack of sleep due to schoolwork. This was her second wedding band and her engagement ring was from Tiffany. She said the first thing her co-workers said was that her husband must be SO mad. Nah… I just felt sad when she said she missed them. 🙁

Diamonds AREN'T forever... 😉

I just read this online article called, “What do Do if You Lose Your Wedding Ring,” It said, “If polled on what are people’s most treasured possessions, very high on the list would most certainly be their wedding rings. A symbol of love and commitment, wedding rings are often never removed and worn from the
moment the “I Do’s,” are said until death or divorce.” I never thought of them as a symbol of our marriage or love or what not. I always felt it was a symbol that the rest of society expects from us; so come time when I needed to get a ring ten years ago, I decided she deserved the “best.” So, I got her a ring from Tiffany. It had small rubies (which I think aren’t even PC anymore) and small diamonds on it. Shien was never into big stones. Lucky me! 😉 In fact, when we do get a replacement ring, she said she wants it to be stoneless. I’m working on getting her a ring that can be worn as a necklace. Having a jeweler working on it. She (Marie-Lise) has made a few things for Shien already in the past few years, so let’s hope for the best. 😉

If anything is to be a symbol of our love and commitment, I would say it’s Malachy! Rings can be replaced. He is priceless! 🙂