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Time Out for First Class Photo…

Malachy 1st Class Photo

We didn’t know what to expect for Malachy’s first class photo.  When I first saw it, I was like, “Where’d he learn to smile like that?”  When Shien said, “He listened to you,” I wasn’t sure what she was talking about.  Then, I remembered!  I DID briefly coach him!

On Picture Day (which seems so long ago), before going to work, I had told Malachy not to smile too big.  He was like, “Why, Dad?”  I told him I wanted to see his eyes.  I imitated his smile to show him what I meant.  For a while, he was smiling with his eyes squinting, and baring all teeth (the BIG “CHEESE!”), in photo after photo.  I was afraid he’d do that with his class photo, so I told him to just hum when he smiled.  I told him to think, “HMMMM.”  Lo and behold…  he listened!  Uncle Chris and Stella called it the “Evil Genius” pose.  PoPo says he exudes wisdom beyond his years.  Mom and Dad are just proud of our little boy!  One for the ages…  😉