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Time Out for a Dragon…

So, we took Malachy to his first movie on Saturday, How to Train Your Dragon. Shien didn’t think it was necessary, but I really wanted to watch it in 3D. So, instead of 13 dollars, it was 17 dollars for adults. (EACH!) And, for Malachy, it was $13 instead of $9. Took a cab there to make sure we got there on time.
I played the trailer for him before we went, just to see if he really wanted to go. He said it was “so cool,” so it alleviated my fears that it would be too scary for him. I asked him if he was sure, and he said he was sure, so we decided to go for it. 😉 I absolutely loved it. Great story, great effects. It was about trying to fit in. It was about abandoning stereotypes. It was about taking risks. It was about facing your fears. It was about finding yourself. Finally, there was the father/son relationship, where the father struggles with who is son is and what he is becoming, and the son wants so desperately to please his dad. I guess I was able to identify as a son and also as a dad! Powerful stuff! 😉
As for Malachy, Mommy had him use his whisper voice, because he had so many questions and was using his regular loud voice in the beginning. But, oh how he LOVED the popcorn, the Raisinettes, the Gummy Bears, and the pink lemonade. Oh, how he LOVED the junk. After the movie, he was ready to pounce on Shien for more and more junk, but I made him watch the closing credits, as Shien ran off to discard of what little was left. Ai ya! In a way, Malachy is our Dragon. So much is unknown, and everyday is an adventure. I think he “trains” us as much as we “train” him. 😉
Already, we have to start thinking about where he will go for Kindergarten… Sometimes, having options makes things a bigger burden, but then again, it’s good that we do have a choice… I think. 😉 Like the movie, it’s definitely easier if things are decided for you, but, oh so empowering when you’re able to decide for yourself. I guess we’ll have to wait and see… 🙂

Time Out for Playtime!


Weekends used to be a time for rest (B.M., Before Malachy), but with Malachy, we have to try to keep up with his energy and imagination. 😉  Forget about sleeping in anymore. We consider it lucky when he gets up at 8. And once he’s up, one of us HAS to get up. YAWN…
Lately, I’ve become the “chosen one” because he claims, “I’m the best snack maker ever.” Meanwhile, I’m the one who prepares a snack with no cooking involved. Just lots of “stuff” from the pantry – cookies, crackers, wafers, mini pretzels, rice crackers (American or Japanese), pizzelles, and granola bars. Some of the above, or all of the above. What else? From the fridge, there’s always milk and a bit of fruit.

Today, it was cold, and it would have been so easy to just stay home and vegetate, but we mustered enough energy to take him to the playground to get some fresh air and exercise.  Then, we went to the library to get some books.  We decided it’d be a good idea to go the library on Sundays, after brunch. I’ve been buying so many books and forgetting that we could actually borrow some! 🙂

This evening, dinner wasn’t easy, so I promised him that we’d pitch up the tent that he got for Christmas.  He had a blast!  Just loves to use his imagination.  At first, he said, “Make sure Mommy doesn’t come in,” but when I started watching football, he said to Shien, “Make sure Daddy doesn’t come in!”  He had a great time, moving as much stuff in there as he could, and then doing some buddy writing with Mommy.  Mommy temporarily dozed in there for a couple of minutes. 😉

More on Malachy’s prolific writing later… 😉