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Time Out for a Parade!

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If you had told me five years ago that I would get the chance to march in the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown with my family, I wouldn’t believe it. Yet, thanks to my principal, there we were for a second year in a row! To see so many people in the crowd smiling and waving and cheering… amazing! 😉
Shien took some awesome pictures, as usual (Thanks, Mommy!). We were so lucky that a professional photographer, Will Chu, who documented the day’s events, allowed us to post some of his pics (Thanks, Will!). I think we waited longer than we actually marched, but it was great having Malachy on my shoulders before the parade started (even though he protested a bit), and then pushing him around in his “make-shift Bugaboo float.” He stood and waved to people here and there and also decided on his own, to raise his two fingers to give the peace sign, while Daddy chauffeured him around in his red SUV-of-a stroller. Daddy got to play the role of servant to his Little Emperor. Cool… very cool! 😉