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Time Out for Warranties and a Giveaway!

So, SquareTrade reached out to me recently and offered me and one of my readers a free warranty!  It just so happens that I just bought iPhones for Shien and myself (our first ones), and two of the things I knew I had to immediately get were cases and warranties.  According to a study, Americans have spent $5.9 billion dollars on damaged iPhones!  To me, it’s too big a risk not to have some kind of coverage on something that is used so heavily every day.

I recognized the SquareTrade brand from the past, as their warranties are often offered along with many online and in-store retailer purchases. Their rates are really competitive, and their Facebook page has over 145,000 Likes.  They are hosting an iPad 3 giveaway (until October 12th) on their Facebook page, with a fun short “Are You a Phone Killer” quiz.

For the iPhone 5, they have a 2-year or 3-year plan for $94 and $124, respectively, with a $50 deductible for all claims.  Theft and loss is not covered, similar to the Apple Care Protection Plan.  The cool thing is you have the option of shipping it free to them for repair or to your local Genius Bar or repair shop, and they will cover the cost.  Here’s a YouTube video about them…


SquareTrade was nice to offer one of my readers a free warranty.  So, to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment (by 12 PM on Columbus Day) about how you did on the Are You a Phone Killer quiz or how you feel about warranties or if you have a story to tell about how a warranty saved or or how the lack of a warranty got you in a predicament. (To leave a comment, click on the speech bubble next to the post title on top)  I will choose a winner sometime on Columbus Day, October 8, 2012.  Good luck, everyone! 🙂

Time Out for Teamwork!


Back in 2009, I was looking online for a nice backpack for Shien, because her friend told us how important it was to have good back support when you’re carrying a heavy bag. A Google search helped me to find the best price for the North Face bag at O2 Gear Shop. I have been getting regular e-mails from them ever since buying the bag, and I recently “Liked” them on Facebook.

Yesterday, when I was checking Facebook, I saw that O2 had a contest to see who could think of the most creative way to represent “O2” using only hands and bodies, and post a picture on their wall. Winner would get a pair of their Marmot Glade gloves! They extended the deadline, so I was in luck!

I LOVE contests, because there’s always a chance to win, and you have to be “in it to win it,” right? Malachy has been my lucky charm, and it’s always been fun to have him participate with me in contests. Our biggest one so far was the Post-It contest that we entered before he was 2, where we were finalists, and we won a laptop!

By dinnertime, I was inspired to work up a design with Malachy. I knew the “2” would be the hardest part, and I wanted Malachy to be the “2” so I could make the “O.” With Shien’s and her dad’s help, we took a couple of pictures and posted one. I told Malachy it didn’t matter if we won, because it was cool to just do a project together. We high-fived.  Teamwork!

This morning, I got the awesome news that we were chosen! When I got home, I showed Malachy the Facebook page that announced the winner. I had him read it aloud, and he was so excited when he got to the part that said we had won. It was so cool because he didn’t ask what we won; he was just excited that we were chosen. Thanks to O2 Gear Shop for the inspirational win!