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Time Out for Art!

Picasso or what?

Malachy’s artwork was one of thirteen selected from his school for an exhibition titled, “A Year of Inspiration” at New York Downtown Hospital. It’s gong to be displayed there through May 26th! So, today we walked to the hospital after school for a reception with Shien and PoPo, while getting drenched with rain in the process. Malachy was super excited and bouncing off the walls at the hospital… literally. I would say his piece was the most abstract out of all the pieces. 😉 I hadn’t seen it before I got to the exhibit. Immediately after seeing it, I was like, “His painting must have reminded the selectors of Picasso!” It was definitely unique. 😉 I couldn’t have imagined in a bazillion years that I would be at a hospital looking at artwork from my 3-year-old. Just a few months ago, we were worried because all he wanted to do was to write letters and words. Now, he’s becoming quite the little artist. Ai ya! 😉

The Exhibit
Our Little Artist

Time Out for Quirky…

Always Ready, Always Steady
Always Ready, Always Steady

So, my brother-in-law introduced me to this site, quirky.com, and ever since, I’ve been a big fan. It keeps the creative juices flowing. Basically, you can submit ideas, rate ideas, comment on ideas, but you can also become an influencer if your logo design, tagline, or name gets chosen for selected products.  A few months back, they picked my tagline for DigiDudes, a mini tripod on a keychain – Always Ready, Always Steady!  And now, the cents are adding up!  And then, they taketh away…  Why?  Because silly me decided to submit an idea.  They usually charge 99 bucks, but I was able to bring it down some with a coupon code.

My idea?  A credit card flashlight – really  really thin.  Thin enough that it could fit in my wallet.  Bend it to light it.  Wouldn’t it be cool if they actually picked it?  It’s a long shot, but hey, I thought I had to try.  After all, I own over a dozen flashlights (for real), and I think there’s always room for another one.  At least this one wouldn’t take up so much room… 😉