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Time Out for Father’s Day!

DSC06278It’s turning out to be one of my favorite days of the year… Father’s Day!

Celebrating Fatherhood!  One of the most important titles I will ever bear in my lifetime, the title of Dad.  It’s awesome!  I am so thankful that I have gotten to spend all the time that I have with Malachy.  I know so many fathers don’t have that luxury or haven’t had that opportunity.  Even my own dad, growing up, he had to work 12-hour+ days, and we only really got to see him once a week.  The one day he would have at home, he usually had to take care of things around the house.  I remember my mom constantly asking me to help my dad, but I didn’t really know how.  Perhaps, he also didn’t have a whole lot of time to teach me, so I learned by watching him.  He taught me a lot, not so much through words but his actions.

With Malachy, I’ve had the benefit of speaking with him, modeling for him, and just being present and being a Dad.  It’s been one of the greatest joys I could ever ask for, along with spending time with Shien and with family.  I want to show him that he could do whatever he puts his mind to.  He’s inspired me to do more than I have thought possible from myself.  We are learning together…

Time Out for a Happy Father’s Day!

Being a Dad is really special. Father’s Day definitely takes on new meaning when you become a father. On Friday, Malachy’s school had a Father’s Day Bagel Breakfast. Malachy was so excited. (Me. too! 😉 ) It was extra cool, because later that day, he had an early birthday celebration with a classmate, since he’s not going to be in school in July. We shared a bagel and a doughnut and some apple juice. He gave me a Father’s Day card that he made in school. 😉 Very cool.

On Father’s Day, Shien and Malachy made me a Bagel Breakfast (yes, I love bagels!), took me out to Brunch, took a trip to Queens to my sister’s new place where my dad was hanging out for a bit, and then let me watch the U.S. Open (even though it was kinda’ uneventful) at my brother-in-law’s, where we had dinner. Shien gave me a canvas print of a picture of me and Malachy that she took at the Chinese New Year parade. 😉

Later that evening, I saw that another blogger commented on my site, and it’s the first one I chose not to “publish.” He commented that he was vexed about people like me who put their kid on public display, as if he were a “trophy child.” He said, “The only thing you will accomplish is producing is an overindulged child with an exaggerated view of himself by the time he hits adolescence. He will think that everything he does is special and important and will then be rendered demoralized when the rest of the world doesn’t agree.” It could have really bothered me, but it didn’t, because I know that he doesn’t get it. 😉

It’s definitely not about showing off my son to the world; he’s not an object on display. It’s about a father who is so proud to be a dad and is in awe of being a parent. It’s truly a gift and a blessing. I feel that if I don’t take the time out to stop and think, then I’ll start taking being a Dad for granted.

As for Malachy becoming overindulged and having an exaggerated view of himself one day? No way. My mom and dad taught me humility, and Shien and I are doing our best to keep him “in check.” 😉

Yummy Coconut!
Bagel Breakfast!
My Dad, My Son, and Me!