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Time Out from the City…

We’ve been at Shien’s parents’ house in Illinois for ten days now, and it’s good to get away from the City for a bit.  Life is SO different out here!  😉  There is so much SPACE here for Malachy to run around.  It’s great having a backyard for him to run around and play in, and a golf course to boot… 😉  Almost every evening, after eating a delicious dinner prepared by Shien’s mom and Shien, we all go to the golf course.  We usually get quite a few mosquito bites, but this summer it’s been so hot that even the mosquitoes are too hot to fly! 😉  Shien’s dad and I play 3 or 6 or 9 holes with one club.  Malachy will tag along for a couple of holes.  Right now, he’s much more in tune with nature than with golf… 😉

It’s great fellowship golfing with Shien’s dad.  It’s hard to believe that he introduced me to the game 17 years ago!  Golfing used to be in my blood (before Malachy 😉 ), and not playing well used to upset me so much.  Not anymore. I’ve realized playing calm yields a lot more crisp shots.  Just being able to play for an hour after dinner feels really good.  Makes it feel a little bit less guilty eating dessert.  😉  Lots of great peach pie with ice cream, thanks to Shien and the neighbor’s! (Thanks, Paula!)  😉

Time really slows down out here.  Shien’s mom has always allowed us to really take it easy out here (Thanks, Chiou Ma! 🙂 )  There’s more time for reading and less time watching television for me.  I’m really grateful all the times we’ve had out here through the years.  After two weeks, though, I’m ready to head back to the City again. 😉