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Time Out for a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

This week, many of my students made Mother’s Day cards in class. I shared with the classes that EVERYDAY should be Mother’s Day! This is something we shouldn’t wait once a year to celebrate. The gift of life. PRICELESS.

Last week, when I went out to dinner with Malachy, he just started talking about my mom out of the blue. He’s done this on more than one occasion. He said aloud, “Ngan, Ngan is the best buddy. [I agreed with him] I haven’t seen her in a long time. Dad, how come we can’t go to heaven to see her?” It’s like he can read my mind sometimes and just wants to comfort me! It’s like he knows that I’m thinking about how I wish Malachy and my mom got the chance to hang out. It’s comforting to know that somehow, he feels her presence. 😉 Very cool.