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Time Out for Social Media!

Credit to Matt Hamm

Social Media (SM) has really amazed me time and time again with all its potential. Through Twitter, I’ve learned so much from so many. At first, just like in many social situations, I sat back and observed. Slowly, but surely, I started building a Personal Learning Network (PLN), and now I’m connected with amazing people all over the world!

People’s tweets reveal so much about themselves. Some tweet about all the great contests and giveaways out there (which has allowed me to win some awesome prizes like event tickets, gift cards, and a SMART pen!), some tweet about all the current events (which has enabled me to find out about things in real time, especially in education), some tweet to promote themselves (big businesses, small businesses, or no businesses), some tweet about their personal lives or thoughts (whether people want to know or not). The thing is, you get to choose who you want to hear from. Others have the same choice of whether they want to follow you. When someone retweets your words, it’s validating, because it usually means your words mean something to someone else. 🙂

Because of social media, I am able to leave a bigger digital footprint through participating in chats (#edchat, #kinderchat, and #ptchat) and submitting posts to other sites like BookDads.com, RiceDaddies.com, PrimeParentsClub.com, and KidZui.com. It’s so empowering when people you don’t know read your words and comment on them. This is what I hope to convey to my students. Your words MATTER. If you have something to say, your words can cause a reaction in others. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good, but that’s okay.  It’s an amazing journey, and you come away learning so much from it. 😉