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Time Out for Tomorrow…

The music teacher in our school was getting ready for the Spring Banquet, and she played some awesome tunes on the piano, while I was setting up her computer and SMART Board. She played Seasons of Love and then she played Tomorrow. Seasons of Love I just loved ever since I saw RENT, and Tomorrow was a childhood favorite. I think we had to sing it for school. I told the music teacher to sign me and Malachy up… 😉
Anyways, when Malachy was a baby, Shien and I would always take turns putting him to bed, and we would sing to him all the time. I sang Tomorrow hundreds of times, and when he got older, he would sing along or even request it! 😉 I think we are both much braver in the dark. But, here he is with the lyrics in front of him. I should have just let him sing without it, as he stopped every now and then and also sang it a lot higher than ever before! Aiya!

Time Out for a Toast and a Song…

Last Sunday, my “little” sis got married.  A week before that she had asked me to make a toast for her.  How could I refuse?  It took me all week to come up with what to say.  Hadn’t been that stressed in a while. Work was already pretty stressful, but this was a pretty big weight on my shoulders. Didn’t want it too preachy, too cheesy, judgmental, etc.  Since I haven’t been the ideal big bro, this made it even tougher.  She asked me if I could mention my mom and my grandparents.  With less than 24 hours before her big day, I even went online to look for advice!  And, I even practiced in front of the computer a few times to make sure I didn’t stumble too much.  In the end, she loved it! A big WHEW! 🙂

As for a song, I didn’t know if we could make it happen.  About 2 weeks before the wedding, I asked Malachy if he wanted to sing a song for Goo Goo and Steve.  With a Ring Pop on the line, he decided to go for it. 😉  We didn’t practice every day, but we did sing it a few times, watched others sing it on YouTube, and even downloaded the Karaoke version.  We sang it in front of the computer, in the shower once, and Mom and Dad sang duets with him a few times before bed.  Then… it would be what it would be.  He was great! And… boy did he enjoy that Ring Pop all night long!  🙂