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Time Out for Sports

So, the Yankees won the World Series on Wednesday.  I’ll never forget watching this one in particular because Malachy was still sick, threw up all over his bed, and I wound up doing laundry until way past 3AM.  Thank goodness for TiVo, as there was constant running back and forth between Shien and me to his room every time he was coughing, even after the first incident.  Shien also had a huge case study to finish.  Aiya.

I’ve been wondering a lot about why it is that I could turn on sports on TV and just sit and watch it for hours if there is any team I am remotely interested in.  I know it sometimes upsets Shien and I’m sure she doesn’t get why either.  After all, it can’t be good for my health…  the excitement or the stress and “anger” at times.  So, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it may be an “id” thing, especially, but not exclusively, for men.  We want to be on the winning side and we want our side to win, no matter what.  We might even wish ill-will towards the other team and their players.

Isn’t it amazing how we can so dislike an opponent and find out all of these reasons for not liking him, but as soon as he’s traded to our team, we might even start liking and enjoying having that person on our team?  I watch the news and whenever there is news about war, it’s impossible to explain to Malachy.  How do you explain why one side wants to destroy or annihilate the other side?  I think I’ll watch sports with even more guilt now.  Maybe, just maybe, sports provides that feeding of the “id.”

Time Out for Television…

We have always been wary of allowing Malachy to watch too much television, especially Mommy, but I always felt that there were some sound educational programs out there that could provide some enrichment. When he was first born, he was exposed to lots of baseball, football, golf, and the news. And guess what? He doesn’t seem to like playing sports at all. BUT, he does like watching Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos on the evening news. They are his “friends” and when they are absent from the show, he notices and will sometimes even say he misses them. He does recognize Obama, Clinton, Bush, and other politicians he grew up with. As for regular programming for children, we found some programs to be of great educational value, and I think it has helped him to become a reader. He has watched every episode of Word World and Super Why many many times. He enjoys Sesame Street and Ni Hao Kai Lan. He enjoyed Thomas the Train, but watching full episodes never seemed to capture his attention the whole time. His latest favorite is Special Agent OSO. He has watched a lot more PBS than any other station in terms of children’s television programs. These programs don’t go crazy with the flashing and quick shifting from scene to scene. They provide a literacy enriched environment and teach lessons. We often watch them with him and make references to them when there’s a conflict or a problem that needs to be resolved. The key is not to let him watch hours at a time, as it seems so easy at times to just plop him in front of the television. I think that’s what gets some kids overstimulated or superstimulated, where they then need that constant visual stimulation in order to sit still and focus.