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Time Out for Secrets, Stories, and Surprises!

Here’s a question. Which one is the most powerful – a secret, a story, or a surprise?

I’m not sure about the answer but this past month was super exhausting, because I had all three things in my possession at once. It was The Story of Gong Gong, narrated by Malachy. The story was born on June 22nd, finished on July 5th, and we had to keep it a secret from Gong Gong until August 4th, the day of his surprise party.

I found the artist, Graham Ogilvie, from Scotland back in May. How awesome the internet can be! I was working on an article about digital footprints, and “Google Imaged” it. I wanted to look for a picture that could capture the importance of taking care of your digital footprint. This is what I found…

I contacted him about permission rights, and he was so helpful about it. It was commissioned to someone else, who I e-mailed, and it turned out to be publicly commissioned, so anyone could use it.
Graham also gave me the link to his website, and I really enjoyed his work. I mentioned that maybe one day I might be able to hire him. Who knew? A month later, Gong Gong e-mailed his son a YouTube link to a creative storyboard drawing done by someone else, and that’s when I thought we should give it a shot with Graham. Within a couple of weeks, Shien formulated the story, and Malachy had a couple of practice readings. After some recording and sound editing, it was sent out for some sketches, and within a week after that, it was completed! I was really proud of Malachy and how he read it so naturally. So cool. It was hard to keep it all a secret (and at least we were able to show the video to others), but in the end, it was such a delight to see Gong Gong’s reaction that evening and the days after it. He absolutely LOVED it. Whew!