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Time Out for a HAPPY Birthday SURPRISE! (Return of the Rings!)


So, I turned 40 today! So many reasons to be happy! πŸ˜‰ Nothing beats celebrating with loved ones. The day started with Malachy waking me up and reminding me that it was my birthday. He made me a great card, which I’ll have to scan. I cooked him some “eggy fan fan” (Chinglish for egg with rice), while Shien got to sleep in just a little longer. What a happy daddy I am! πŸ˜‰

Tonight, we went out to dinner in Chinatown with Shien’s family and my family. Shien bought a yummy Chinatown Ice Cream Factory Cake. As she was packing up the cake, I was telling Malachy he did a great job of keeping Mommy’s secret. She went out to get the cake while I was napping, and Malachy said Mom had to go out for something, but it was a secret. I figured it out, and he was like, “But, you weren’t supposed to know.” I told him it was okay, and that it was good that he didn’t tell me. πŸ˜‰

Then I told him, “I have a secret surprise for you to give to Mommy!” He was excited. I gave him the box with the replacement wedding band I got for Shien. I was going to wait for her birthday tomorrow, but I figured, “Why not?” Malachy gave it to her when she sat down. She opened it and we all cheered. Just earlier today, Shien’s mom had asked to see “the ring.” The last time she was in town, I was all ready to get a more expensive ring, but it fell through. Shien told her she didn’t want something so expensive and just wanted something from Chinatown… (That is where we got her previous bands. After all, platinum is platinum… I think.)

As we were cheering about the surprise and the new ring, my dad said across the table, “Hey, Shien has two rings in the car.” We said, “WHAT?!?!” We couldn’t believe it!!! We were like, “What do you mean?” He told us that he had forgotten to tell us that he had found them in the car a while ago, when he was looking for something. It was by the side of the armrest. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t told us, but then again, I had never told him about Shien’s lost rings. It seemed like everyone knew, and I guess he was never told. WOW!

What we thought was lost and gone forever was FOUND! Shien and her mom called it a birthday miracle, as their birthdays are tomorrow. It was a bit surreal. Shien’s mom e-mailed a few weeks ago and said that she had a vivid dream that Shien had found her rings and asked if it was real. I replied back that it was wishful thinking. I thought they were in some landfill, because we thought Shien must have lost them in the disposable gloves she was wearing when cooking at her internship. We’re still not 100% sure how they fell out in the car, but we suspect Shien may have taken them off to put on hand lotion on Thanksgiving Day, as we were driving to Staten Island. Unbelievable!!!

Shien said we should return this new ring, but I was like, “No way!” This one has a story behind it. I’ll call it, “Return of the Rings!” πŸ˜‰ I’m thinking I want to engrave, “LOST WITHOUT YOU, SHIEN!” on them. (The jeweler told me to make sure she fit it before engraving.) Plus, it’s so shiny and new! πŸ˜‰

Time Out for Wedding RingLessNess…


On Thanksgiving night, Shien realized that her rings were gone, her wedding band and her engagement ring.Β  At first, we thought she might find it at work the following Monday. No luck. She thinks she might have either taken them off when she was putting hand lotion on or she might have lost them while cooking, when she had to constantly put on and take off gloves while cooking. She couldn’t recall at all,Β  because of her lack of sleep due to schoolwork. This was her second wedding band and her engagement ring was from Tiffany. She said the first thing her co-workers said was that her husband must be SO mad. Nah… I just felt sad when she said she missed them. πŸ™

Diamonds AREN'T forever... πŸ˜‰

I just read this online article called, “What do Do if You Lose Your Wedding Ring,” It said, “If polled on what are people’s most treasured possessions, very high on the list would most certainly be their wedding rings. A symbol of love and commitment, wedding rings are often never removed and worn from the
moment the “I Do’s,” are said until death or divorce.” I never thought of them as a symbol of our marriage or love or what not. I always felt it was a symbol that the rest of society expects from us; so come time when I needed to get a ring ten years ago, I decided she deserved the “best.” So, I got her a ring from Tiffany. It had small rubies (which I think aren’t even PC anymore) and small diamonds on it. Shien was never into big stones. Lucky me! πŸ˜‰ In fact, when we do get a replacement ring, she said she wants it to be stoneless. I’m working on getting her a ring that can be worn as a necklace. Having a jeweler working on it. She (Marie-Lise) has made a few things for Shien already in the past few years, so let’s hope for the best. πŸ˜‰

If anything is to be a symbol of our love and commitment, I would say it’s Malachy! Rings can be replaced. He is priceless! πŸ™‚