Time Out for a Double Holiday!

So, today (now yesterday) was a double whammy… Valentine’s and Chinese New Year on the same day. I used to dread holidays, and still do a bit, but having a kid around really changes things. Holidays then become less about yourself and more about someone else. Valentine’s was one of the most dreaded holidays for me until I was 22, when I met Shien. Before that, it was a quite depressing. When you don’t have someone else to think about, you then think way too much about yourself. 😉 After meeting Shien, I still didn’t like it much, because it felt like a day of obligation where I had to do something for the sake of the holiday. I was like, “Everyday should be Valentine’s. I don’t need Valentine to tell me what to do.” Cheesy quote for a cheesy holiday.
Chinese New Year was always exciting as a kid, with all the customs and red envelopes. It was also cool to be able to start a New Year twice in a year! 😉
Now, with Malachy around, it’s really exciting again. He’s already experiencing much of the Food, Feast, and Family that brings us all together. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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