Time Out for a Jelly Belly!

Mommy bought a box of Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans back in February for Chinese New Year. We brought it to a party, and some were eaten, but the host insisted we take them back home. So, we decided to use them for Potty Training! After Malachy’s attempts to do his deed, he would get to pick ONE Jelly Belly from the 40 assorted flavors. Little did we know, he would learn a lot of self-control from this. After all, he could only choose one. He would study them and ask about each flavor. He would look and look until we started a countdown. Many times, we would get to zero and he still hadn’t made his final decision. With the box closing on him and the threat of them being taken away, he would finally make his decision. Months later, he knows all his flavors AND he’s potty trained, too!

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