Time Out for Apologies…

Apology Letter 1

When I picked up Malachy from school today, his teacher had an icy popsicle in one hand and his school bag and lunch bag in the other. I think I said, “Yay,” out loud but she said, “Nope.” She told me how Malachy got in trouble twice today. He ran off during Sports Day and didn’t listen to one of his teachers. Then, instead of listening to his new art teacher during art, he just did what he wanted. So, the teacher said he couldn’t have the popsicle until she talked to me. I agreed 100%.
It’s never easy punishing Malachy, but at the same time, if we don’t, then he’ll think it’s okay not to listen. It was a quiet walk back home, as he rode in his stroller (since I told him not to talk to me just yet). He knew how upset I was and apologized when we got home saying, “Dad, I apologize. I’m really really sorry.” After a shower, I had him write a few apology letters. He wrote four. He was really good about that. He knew how serious his violations were, and he definitely showed remorse.
I made a deal with him. If he has a good report tomorrow, then maybe, just maybe, he’ll get his icy… 🙁

Apology Letter 2
Apology Letter 3

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