Time Out for Approval…

After some soul-searching, I decided to release MRB’s (Mark’s Right Brain) comments.  He took the time out to express his views, and although I don’t agree with everything he says, he does make valid arguments from his perspective.  He taught me a good lesson.  If you put yourself out there, not everyone’s gonna’ love you.  That’s just how it is.  😉

He reminded me about how pride can get in the way.  Technology has enabled us to put ourselves out there even more, and we do have a choice about what kind of digital footprint we want to leave for ourselves and our children.

The biggest light bulb that MRB lit was that I think all of us “bloggers” have a bit of narcissism in us. 😉  In Wikipedia it says this:

Freud argues that healthy narcissism is an essential part in normal development. The love of the parents for their child and their attitude towards their child could be seen as a revival and reproduction of their own narcissism according to Freud. The child has an omnipotence of thought. The parents stimulate that feeling because in their child they see the things that they have never reached themselves. Compared to neutral observations, the parents tend to overvalue the qualities of their child.

WOW!  Quite interesting, indeed!

I appreciate MRB for having me “man up” to my words and taking responsibility for them.  Thanks, Mark! 😉

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