Time Out for Food…

I had to go to a meeting this past Saturday, so it was Malachy and Mommy at home. When I got home, Shien told me about their latest morning adventure. Malachy was hungry, as usual, so Shien had him plan a Breakfast/Brunch Menu. They discussed what was available in the kitchen, and Malachy wrote away, listing everything they were going to have: hot chocolate, coffee, scrambled eggs, bagel, fruit, creamed cheese, milk, grapefruit, maple apple (he made that up), toast, pickle (crossed it out), water, and jam. I asked him later what the “CHIAN” word was that he kept writing. He said it meant, “super.” Once in a while he just makes up his own words. Anyways, it’s really awesome to have a restaurant in your own home, thanks to our lovely Chef, Mommy! 😉 YUMMY!

Malachy's Menu

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