Time Out for Laughs…

In education, you have the “3 Rs” – reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. In high school, I came up with the “3 Ls” in life – Living, Loving, and Learning. Since then, I’ve discovered the fourth “L” in life, which is laughing. Malachy has brought so much laughter into our lives. It’s awesome! πŸ™‚
On the snow day on Friday, Shien and I were SO sleepy. He dragged us both into the living room, after finding out there was no school. We were both knocked out (on and off), while he ate his snack and did some writing. At one point, he asked me if he could use the computer, and so I let him use it for a bit. He pretty much can operate my Mac, as soon as I put him on the internet. Later on, I had noticed that his uncle wrote on my IM, “You guys had no school, right?” Malachy had typed back the word, “yes!” Then his uncle wrote, “Malachy must be so excited.” Malachy read what his uncle wrote and typed back the words, “uh – yes.” When I got on the computer later on, I told his uncle that I just got on, and that he was actually “talking” with Malachy. He was like, “Shut up, I don’t believe you.” I couldn’t believe how Malachy made his uncle think that I was talking to him, without even intending to. πŸ˜‰
Some other funny Olympic moments today…

During the hockey game, Malachy asked, “Why are they playing with a checker?” So, today, he learned the word, “puck.”
After the Canadians received their medals, and flowers, Malachy asked, “What are they doing with that broccoli?” He was right, those flowers that they have been giving out do look like vegetables!
Finally, I was feeling so bad for the American goalie, when they were interviewing him after they lost and received their silver medal. The interviewer was just asking him a ton of questions. I was saying, “Come on. Leave him alone.” Malachy looked at the television and said, “He needs his mommy.” He was right. He REALLY looked like he did. πŸ˜‰

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