Time Out for Projects…

Daddy's Little Apprentice

Malachy LOVES projects. Almost every day, he’ll have some kind of project in mind and will plan and carry out accordingly. Whenever Shien or I are doing something, he feels he should be involved. So, he’ll join Shien in her cooking and he’ll join me in fixing things or putting things together, whether we want his help or not. 😉 He used to be a bit afraid of my tools, especially the power tools, but no more. The noise doesn’t scare him anymore. The past few days, he’s been playing with his Tinker Toys, and they’re awesome, because he can really be creative with them. Shien helped him make a guitar and mic stand, so he put on his “Party CD Mix,” and started singing with his “equipment.” Gotta’ get that on film later. Just the other day, we had a video removed from YouTube because of copyright infringement! Couldn’t believe it. Malachy was just singing What a Wonderful World, but the company that owns the rights to that song claimed that it was infringing. So, we have to be extra careful what we put on in terms of music. Otherwise, YouTube e-mailed that they could delete my whole account along with all of the videos I’ve uploaded!
This one’s safe, though. It’s just Malachy helping me put together his new bookshelf. Trying to get more organized. I was going to do it myself, but he insisted on helping. Turned out pretty cool. My little apprentice… 😉

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