Time Out for Remembrance…

Never Forgotten...

Today, I received the tragic news that Danny Chen, one of my former pre-kindergartners and kindergartners died in Afghanistan. I’ll always remember his big heart and his loyalty to his friends and family. My heart goes out to his loving family. Rest in Peace, Danny.

3 thoughts on “Time Out for Remembrance…”

  1. Dear Renny,
    We only met a week or so ago, but I am certain that Danny Chen’s brief life was powerfully and positively affected by having you as a Pre-K teacher. Your rapport with young children is obvious throughout TimeOutDad, and it is comforting to know that Danny had such a good start.

    Discovering that there were only two degrees of separation between me and Danny Chen was a shocking reminder that the “news” is about real people with real lives, and that we all need to be part of the effort to put an end to the violence inherent in prejudice and bias.

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments, Mayra. The harsh realities of war really hit home with this. We also learn that prejudice and bias exist in all aspects of society, and it does take a collective effort to put a stop to it. Danny’s story was recently published in New York Magazine. http://nymag.com/news/features/danny-chen-2012-1/ Reading the comments and conversations by some of the readers, I see how prior experience can shape development and learning; it helps us to make sense of our surroundings and gives us perspective. At the same time, it can create even more prejudice and bias.

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