Time Out for Remembrance…

Yesterday marked the 13th year of my mom’s passing…

Dearest Mom,

Wishing you were here,
Your grandson… filling you with joy.
Seeing you in him,
A heart beaming.

Selflessly, you raised me up,
Older, I’m learning…
How much you loved,
How much you gave.

Grateful, thankful
Without you, I wouldn’t be,
I couldn’t be.
The Father that I am.
The Father that I’ll be.

Remembering you…
Loving, Learning, Laughing.

Malachy and my mom...

One thought on “Time Out for Remembrance…”

  1. Love your poem, Renny. Looking at Malachy, you can’t help but seeing much of her in him. We are celebrating her life every day. Look how you turn out, she is proud what she has done. Looking down from above, she smile …………

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