Time Out for Tomorrow…

The music teacher in our school was getting ready for the Spring Banquet, and she played some awesome tunes on the piano, while I was setting up her computer and SMART Board. She played Seasons of Love and then she played Tomorrow. Seasons of Love I just loved ever since I saw RENT, and Tomorrow was a childhood favorite. I think we had to sing it for school. I told the music teacher to sign me and Malachy up… 😉
Anyways, when Malachy was a baby, Shien and I would always take turns putting him to bed, and we would sing to him all the time. I sang Tomorrow hundreds of times, and when he got older, he would sing along or even request it! 😉 I think we are both much braver in the dark. But, here he is with the lyrics in front of him. I should have just let him sing without it, as he stopped every now and then and also sang it a lot higher than ever before! Aiya!

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