Time Out from Killing the Spirit of Education!

This compelling video featuring Yong Zhao, a University Distinguished Professor at the College of Education, Michigan State University, really makes you think about what is going on with education in America. Is American Education really going backwards? Are we heading in the wrong direction when it comes to educating our students? Are we missing the target?
Why is so much money going into testing and nationalizing what is taught to our children? How does testing bring out our kids’ creativity? How does this motivate our students to learn?
Is our education system heading towards conformity and elitism, while other countries are moving towards innovation and celebrating individuality?

The good thing is that there appears to be a BUZZ around education and it’s getting louder.

School starts for Malachy tomorrow, and we’re trying to psych him up for a great year ahead for all of us. Let’s just hope we’re not psyching him out in terms of the future of his education. We want most for him to love learning. That’s what living is about. 😉

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