Time Out for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2009

When I think about all that I have, it becomes apparent how fortunate and blessed I am.  Malachy has been up and down with his colds and coughs, and he’s becoming more and more… let’s say, “determined!”  When he wants something, it’s hard to convince him otherwise.  (i.e., TANTRUMS AND MELTDOWNS)  This morning, he wanted a bagel (among other things, of course).  Well, we didn’t have any bagels in the house.  So, he cried and he yelled and he cried.  I sat him down and here was Dad explaining to a 3-year-old that you can’t always get what you want as soon as you want it.  His reasoning was that he likes bagels and therefore, he had to have a bagel.  So, I gave him a plan (inspired from Agent Oso).  Step One, take a deep breath and calm down.  Step Two, apologize to Mom for getting so worked up and demanding what wasn’t possible.  And, Step Three, we’d go together to get a bagel.  (The beauty of living 2 blocks from the Bialy Store)  So, the moral of the story is…  Never be bagel-less, cuz you just never know… 😉

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